Terms and Conditions

Exclusion of liability clause

1- Our general terms and conditions of use

The following conditions were established on January 19th 2022 and are applicable to Galexo.com
Galexo.com website is an initiative of ZEMOBILE LLC.

When using our website, you agree to our Terms & Conditions.
In case we update, rectify or make any changes in this document, they will be published here.

1.1 Applicability

These general conditions are applied to the use of the internet platform Galexo.com (also known as “international portal for the management of procedures”). They describe in detail the services offered by Galexo.com and regulate the signing of the user contract between the client and Galexo.com. Different terms of use will not be accepted unless Galexo.com expressly agrees its validity in writing.

Before signing the distance contract, the general conditions of use will be at the customer’s disposal.

If the distance contract is signed electronically, the text of these general conditions can be made available for the client prior to such signature in order the client can easily store them in a durable database. If this is not possible, before signing the contract the client will be informed about how to consult the general conditions of use by electronic means or through different ones, free of charge at the customer’s request.

2- Limitation of Liability

2.1 Shipping Service

We are an international platform which offers an online service for the management of all types of procedures to our clients. We offer changes of title-holder supplies, flight cancellations, claims and complaints, warranty and scholarships processing and more.

Galexo.com is not responsible for the processing of the application by the companies, nor for the receipt of the application letter by the company for which it is intended.

2.2 Customer Information

The client can modify its contact information at any time before sending the application using the correction options. Galexo.com is not responsible for any error in the data entered by the customer.

Once the consumer carries out the purchase of any of the services offered by Galexo.com he/she will receive the payment receipt in the email address included at the beginning of the application.

In order to protect the customer information provided during the application process, all the technical and organisational measures according to the safety standards in force in the European Union are taken. 

This website has the relevant certificates for the protection of online transactions so that all payment transactions made through Galexo.com are safe for the customer.

2.3 Our commitment

Galexo.com strives to offer accurate, exact and updated information about the bureaucratic procedures offered at international level. In case any information included in the website should be erroneous, incomplete or out-dated, Galexo.com commits itself to correct it as soon as possible.

However, Galexo.com cannot be held responsible for any inaccurate information included on the websites of the providers in question.

Particularly, we cannot demand that the bureaucratic procedures are correct in terms of content, formally valid and/or the notification period be respected. 

Galexo.com makes sure that any requested procedure through our web is delivered in accordance with the law of the service provider but it is not responsible for the subsequent processing of the application since this process corresponds entirely to the different companies.

Besides, Galexo.com is not responsible in any way for the delays in the reception and/or the processing of the procedure letter. Galexo.com's obligation under the User Agreement is limited to providing assistance in connection with the submission of the application for the required bureaucratic procedures.

Galexo.com will process the accepted applications on its website in approximately 48 working hours, which is the average time our agents need to carry out the procedure. However, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control (failure of the suppliers' website and/or administrative entities) the deadlines for compliance may be modified.

By no means Galexo.com will be held responsible for the delay in the procedure regarding errors that can be produced in the webpages or IT systems of the service suppliers and/or administrative entities.

All the information included in this website is for personal use only. No rights can derive from this information as it is subject to changes and typographical errors. We do our best to have the most complete and accurate website.

3- Our management of bureaucratic procedures

If the application has already been sent to the supplier, the client cannot cancel it.

3.1 Right of withdrawal exercised by the customer 

If the procedure is already in process when the right of withdrawal is requested, the application cannot be cancelled to interrupt the procedure. 

The client can ask for a refund as long as the application has not already been sent in the agreed times, 48 hours after making the application.

3.2 Obligations of the service provider in the event of cancellation

Galexo.com will use the same means of payment that the customer has previously chosen for the refund. The refund is free of charge for the customer.

The user commits to follow up the process through the applicant's email, in order to provide answers to possible requests that the service companies or administrative entities may require during the process, submission of extra data, signing and sending of the new contract, etc. It is the client's responsibility and it will be of utmost importance to provide the answers to such requests for the successful completion of the process.